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Band score 8.0 Hi Matt, I wanted to thank you for helping me improve my writing skills: I gave the test and got an overall mark of 8.0, with 7.5 in Writing! That is more that I needed for applying for the masters degree I want, so I am super happy about it!

Francisca - Chile
Band score 7.0. Hello Andy, I’d like to inform you that I have just received my exam result and I’ve passed it with a total band score of 7 😀 I’m attributing this score to your teaching, thank you very much 🙂
Yousef - Saudi Arabia
Band score 8.0. Ben is a great teacher, a scientist in a way, and just a nice person with a great sense of humour! With Ben’s help, I managed to get what I was aiming for – minimum 7 for each band, with overall 8. Not only were the classes useful, but also I enjoyed every bit of them!
Evgeny - Russia
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