IELTS Speaking: Keep It Simple

In Part 1, you want to make a good first impression on the examiner. You want to show him how good your English is, why you deserve a high score. This is good.

Because of this, you may think it is a good idea to use big, advanced-sounding words, complex sentence structures, and to talk until you’re out of breath. This is not good.

The number one most important thing in IELTS Speaking Part 1 is clarity. You must be as clear as possible. Do not use the structures you are not comfortable using, or words which you don’t really understand. Don’t speak for longer than 25 seconds for each answer, preferably a bit shorter. Stick to two or three sentences maximum. Any longer, and you will make mistakes, damaging your coherency.

Below, on the left, are 3 sentences which are trying too hard, and therefore make many mistakes. On the right are the simplified sentences. They may be short and simple, but they are error-free and easy to understand. If you want to practise your Speaking with a professional IELTS teacher, consider taking lessons.


Actually I have originated from Mumbai, which is locate in the Westernmost coastline of India. It is heavy population of many, and it has great business in this city.
I come from Mumbai, which is a city in the West of India. The city is by the sea. It has a large population, so it is often very busy.
To be frankly speaking, A more recently vacation I travelled to was to the island of the country of Sri Lanka. Myself and my companions journeyed there about for twelve weeks ago. We diving every day and we had seen many beautiful fishes in the ocean water. Other things we do too, such as relaxing an unwind on the beaches, reading much books, and also eating delicious food in the lots of different restaurants there. It was a stunning time.
I went on holiday to Sri Lanka a few months ago with my friends. I had a great time there. We went diving, relaxed on the beach, and ate in the restaurants. I’d like to go back some day.
As a matter of fact, in my extra leisure activity time, I have like to play cricket, what is a sport with a red hard ball and a wood bat, which is a sport I like play with friends. Sometime I like to go play games on the computer, three times per a week. Leisure activities is important because people can relax and stop the stress before work.
In my free time I like to play cricket with my friends. I play cricket maybe twice a week. Sometimes I play computer games, especially when it’s raining outside. Occasionally I play cricket on the computer!


So what’s the number one rule for Speaking Part 1? Keep it simple!